Yung Bleu Reveals He Might Be The Artist With The Last DMX Feature

Taking to Instagram to share a screenshot of a previous conversation with X where he invited the rapper to be a part of his upcoming album, Bleu wrote a caption that rubbed many fans the wrong way. “This basically just ‘damn that’s crazy he died but at least I got a feature from him on my next album,’” one fan wrote, uncovering the nuance behind the insensitive post. I’m praying for you as the person as the father as the legend!” The post was reshared by DJ Akademiks inviting fans to weigh in on its crass timing and content. View this post on Instagram

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“Weird way to try and get hype for your single,” one of the top comments read. Do you think Yung Bleu was clout-chasing and lost some respect for using news of DMX’s death to do so? Unfortunately, before his actual demise, a hoax about his death got started on Thursday (April 8) when comedian Luenell claimed the rapper had been taken off life support when she posted a premature RI.P message online. I Hope I don’t GOT one of THE LAST DMX FEATUREs,” the “You’re Still Mine” rapper wrote in a since-deleted post. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) “Bro worried bout the wrong thing,” another fan wrote. Yung Bleu deleted his post after Dark Man X’s manager confirmed in a video message that the rapper was still on life support on Thursday (April 8). F*ck the music! Yung Bleu came under fire from fans accusing him of clout-chasing after reports surfaced of DMX passing away. While the misinformation was circulating online, rapper Yung Bleu took the opportunity to announce that he might have the last DMX feature in the vault. Legendary rapper DMX has sadly passed after being on life support for the last week in which time he never regained any brain function. “I was gonna suprise [sic] the world with it on my album f**k. Others bashed Yung Bleu for clout-chasing in a distastefully unwelcomed way and said the collaboration was better left as a surprise. Sadly, it was confirmed that DMX passed away on Friday (April 9), according to a statement from his family. DMX’s manager, Steve Rifkind confirmed that the rapper was still alive at the time but not before R.I.P messages came pouring in on social media and even started trending on Twitter. I don’t no if the news true but I’m praying for you Og. “HOPE ITS NOT TRUE!