Thundamentals – The Groundhog Song Lyrics

If it was a black man killing a white kid, national crisis
Open your eyelids
It’s glaringly blatant we live in a nation that’s heavily racist
But if I say it they’re labeling me un-Australian, f*ck it
Everyday is a different conundrum, double the dosage
What are my options? [Hook]
Sometimes I feel like
I was built for something better than this
f*ck the facade I’m
Try’na fill that empty piece of my heart
I’m guessing everyone is
Call me Peter Pan
I’ve forgotten everything I dream of
Have you seen my neverland? I’m Peter Pan
I’ve forgotten everything I dream of
Everything I have is gone
I need to depart this lie that I’m living
My teachers will teach you to reach for the stars
For Venus and Mars, the sky is the limit
But is it a phrase I believe in my heart? Call me a cynic, I’m part of the system
Where Trayvon Martin and T.J. Suppose I could follow my passion, or I could work for the man
And get stuck in the doldrums
Trying to focus on what is important
Personal gain or personal stories
Maybe I’m strange, maybe I’m vein
Afraid that the world will ignore me
Stuck in the middle with you
Reading my mind, it’s simple to do
I pity the fool who’s missing the point
That must be me, but figure I live in a void
7am up on my feet, somebody save me
I ain’t a saviour, lost in my thoughts
I wait for the train to take me away, money for labour
I’ve only got love for my neighbour
Whether he’s up in the mansion, or stuck in a trailer
We are all one in the same thing
Yin and the yang just a product of nature
Some of us chuck in the towel
Or have our heads up in the clouds
Some of us challenge behaviour, master the maverick
Others are happy with dumbing it down
Slap me for f*cking around, but I’m juggling time
Don’t get it twisted, broke but I’m gifted
I’d much prefer to f*ck with your mind
Than bump in the hustle and grind
I’m looking for something to die for
The groundhog song
Just give me some hope, a smoke and a light yo, hey
[Hook] Hickey’s
Deaths are being swept under the carpet
And Zimmerman’s free I can picture him laughing
Instead of getting his ass kicked, sittin’ here askin’
Yo what would have occurred, if the roles were reversed?