“The law, how to love the Motherland.” A special commission on patriotism will be created in Ukraine

However, the rebellious soul of a political scientist does not sit in & nbsp; place. National Commission for & nbsp; Issues of Establishing National Identity under the Government of Ukraine. Let's just say, it was difficult to surpass Poroshenko in & nbsp; issues of getting into the & nbsp; soul of citizens, but & nbsp; Vasily Mokan succeeded, and & nbsp; the effect of & nbsp; impact on & nbsp; citizens, in & nbsp; first of all, those who voted for & nbsp; the President and the people & nbsp; … Steeper than the & nbsp; language laws and & nbsp; decommunization laws combined. It is not clear who exactly will be punished & nbsp; & mdash; local authorities for & nbsp; the fact that & nbsp; they have low rates in & nbsp; patriotism, or specific people who do not jump high enough with & nbsp; shouting: “ Who does not & nbsp; jumps & nbsp; & mdash; that Moskal! Which is not surprising, considering that Mokan and & nbsp; Razumkov are partners in & nbsp; consulting company Ukrainian Politconsulting Group. And & nbsp; it is clear why & nbsp; & mdash; for & nbsp; this time, the legislators decided to get & nbsp; to & nbsp; personal space of Ukrainians. ''
Local authorities, according to the & nbsp; idea of ​​Mokan, should implement programs at the & nbsp; places for the approval of Ukrainian national and & nbsp; civil identity. The & nbsp; Mocan bill spelled out the 'establishment of responsibility for & nbsp; violation of the law'. Among a number of good thoughts about & nbsp; that, in & nbsp; principle, the state should somehow & nbsp; educate citizens and & nbsp; ensure the development of the linguistic identity of indigenous peoples and & nbsp; national minorities, there are several bold ideas. More patriotism
Ukrainian politicians, in & nbsp; their desire to build a state, in which citizens have a high national consciousness, move further and further. According to & nbsp; his official biography, since & nbsp; 2004, Mocan worked as a political consultant for & nbsp; national and & nbsp; local election campaigns, specializing in & nbsp; analytical and & nbsp; media areas. In other words, the law is about & nbsp; how to love the Motherland. According to the bill, Ukrainian civil and & nbsp; national identity is the most important component of the national security of national unity. The quality of work, according to the bill, will be assessed by the indicator of “ the effectiveness of the implementation of state policy. Ukraine brilliantly proves this by its example. “ I am categorically against the creation of such a body … It turns out that we are creating some kind of ideological body of the Central Committee & nbsp; CPSU. “ For & nbsp; 30 & nbsp; years of independence, & nbsp; we did not & nbsp; had such a law. A deputy from the & nbsp; party Servant of the People Maxim Buzhansky on & nbsp; his page on & nbsp; Facebook wrote: “ Colleague Vasily Mokan sent for signing a bill on the foundations of state policy in & nbsp; issues of national identity. '' However, in fact, this is “ non-encroachment '' he & nbsp; did not & nbsp; confirm. Are you a & nbsp; Russian agent? Maybe you & nbsp; & mdash; a Russian spy? It turns out that now at home a Russian-speaking Ukrainian will no longer be able to speak not & nbsp; in & nbsp; “ move '', since by doing this he will & nbsp; reduce & laquo ; indicators of patriotism '' in the & nbsp; region. Mokan himself in & nbsp; 2015 unsuccessfully ran for the & nbsp; Kyiv City Council from & nbsp; Petro Poroshenko Bloc. Therefore, as responsible for & nbsp; this direction in the & nbsp; Verkhovna Rada, I & nbsp; will do everything possible so that the sphere of national-patriotic education finally gets its legislative regulation, & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; writes Mokan. & nbsp;
“The effect will be stunning. '' & nbsp;
The easiest way would be & nbsp; to declare it nonsense, but ten years ago no one & nbsp; could introduce themselves to either & nbsp; “ decommunization '', nor & nbsp; “ total Ukrainization '', nor & nbsp; three hundred banned Russian artists, nor & nbsp; ; marches in & nbsp; honor of SS men from & nbsp; Galicia in the & nbsp; center of Kiev. At & nbsp; currently, he is & nbsp; among the & nbsp; number of deputies close to the & nbsp; disgraced ex-speaker of the Rada Dmitry Razumkov. In & nbsp; for several years, Mocan was an assistant – Mocan was consultant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Arthur Palatny, who was initially a member of the & nbsp; party “ UDAR '' Vitali Klitschko , and & nbsp; then joined the & nbsp; block of Petro Poroshenko. Look, and & nbsp; then & nbsp; materials will be transferred to the SBU! This did not & nbsp; prevent him from being on the & nbsp; list of the Servant of the People party in & nbsp; 2019 and & nbsp; to be elected to the & nbsp; Verkhovna Rada. If before & nbsp; now baiting the “ wrong '' citizens were started by Svidomo patriots in & nbsp; social networks, seeking sanctions against their victims, then & nbsp; now the case will be put on the & nbsp; state tracks. Mokan, commenting on Buzhansky's remarks in & nbsp; his Telegram channel, said that “ the & nbsp; bill is not & nbsp; about & nbsp; encroachment on & nbsp; the private sphere of communication or the language of church rituals. And & nbsp; Mocan's current legislative initiative makes it clear that no one is & nbsp; going to correct the nationalist course. In & nbsp; 2020-2021, Mokan was the plenipotentiary representative of the Ukrainian government in the & nbsp; Verkhovna Rada. It is impossible to wait until the identity itself appears among citizens, and it is proposed to assert it by means of “ developing patriotism, instilling pride in citizens and & nbsp; respect for national values, the formation of defense consciousness and & nbsp; civil resilience. Total rewriting of history, changing the names of cities, villages and & nbsp; streets, banning dozens of “ enemy '' artists, restrictions on & nbsp; Russian-language content in the & nbsp; sphere of culture, the elimination of the possibility of obtaining an education in & nbsp; Russian, the introduction of the post of a language ombudsman, nicknamed by the people & nbsp; the people “ sprechenfuehrer '' …
But it turns out that there are no limits to Ukrainian perfection. If, in building the state foundations, you & nbsp; begin to use the experience of the collaborationists of the 1940s, then & nbsp; in the final design will inevitably begin to show through some features of the Third Reich. & nbsp;
Why not a & nbsp; patriot? Now all this is the reality of modern Ukraine. ''
He caused a resonance in the & nbsp; society before & nbsp; publication on the & nbsp; website of the Verkhovna Rada. It is impossible to exclude the adoption of such a law & nbsp; & mdash; it is & nbsp; very well he fits into the & nbsp; theme of flirting with & nbsp; nationalism, which is now being used by both & nbsp; Poroshenko and & nbsp; Zelensky. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the & nbsp; pro-government party Servant of the People Vasily Mokan submitted a draft law “ On & nbsp; the main principles of state policy in the & nbsp; sphere of the approval of Ukrainian national and & nbsp; civil identity. I & nbsp; think this is a totally wrong idea & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; quotes his words from the Ukrainian portal “ Vesti ''. Performance Indicator
Many in & nbsp; Ukraine believe that Razumkov's political project will be “ sold '' voters as an alternative to Vladimir Zelensky, who did not meet expectations. Buzhansky was not convinced by the arguments of his party colleagues. And & nbsp; namely, the creation of a new body, a kind of mixture of the National Rada on television and & nbsp; a language commissioner, who will nightmare local councils, sending them & nbsp; prescriptions with & nbsp; assessments of their & nbsp; decisions. On & nbsp; the specified day went out to the & nbsp; street did not & nbsp; in & nbsp; embroidered, did not play & nbsp; , watched secretly Russian TV & nbsp; & mdash; go to the & nbsp; meeting of the Commission on & nbsp; patriotism. The author of the bill Mocan & nbsp; & mdash; A 36-year-old native of Lviv, a graduate of the Philosophy Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev. Where the guilty person will be told & nbsp; & mdash; that & nbsp; are you, such and such, lowering our indicators? ''
The & nbsp; bill explicitly states that efficiency will be measured by an increase in the number of people professing patriotic views, and & nbsp; also by an increase in the number of Ukrainian-language content in & nbsp; cultural sphere. In fact, these bodies are ordered to ensure an increase in the number of patriots in & nbsp; each individual farm, village, city. And & nbsp; further, the & nbsp; Ukrainians can begin and & nbsp; completely fabulous life. & nbsp;
Who is Vasily Mokan? And & nbsp; educational institutions, ranging from & nbsp; kindergartens and & nbsp; ending with universities, will be charged with the obligation to “ form in & nbsp; schoolchildren and & nbsp; students' nationality and & nbsp; patriotism. Истoчник aif.ru True, the very form of responsibility is proposed to be worked out within the & nbsp; framework of a separate legislative initiative. In the & nbsp; places & nbsp; it is proposed to create Centers for the approval of Ukrainian national and & nbsp; civil identity. Better than the & nbsp; language laws and & nbsp; decommunization laws combined & nbsp;
It is especially interesting that Mokan proposes to expand the sphere of use of the Ukrainian language, although after the approval of the law on & nbsp; “ total Ukrainianization '' The Russian language, in fact, is left only for use in & nbsp; everyday life.