Sincerely Collins – Soul Lyrics

Sincerely Collins
I’m not too good with rejection
Love is the answer but I don’t remember the question
Just out of spite I should go ahead and teach you a lesson
You may not pick up the phone, but I’ll leave you a message, I’ll leave you a message
Everything you’ve been taught is a lie or a cover up
I was like you when I was coming up, problem is that we don’t know enough, now I’m like f*ck what I know and love, slow it up
Happiness won’t be achieved if you do not get what I mean, finding yourself is the key, that is just what I believe, I found my inner destroyer, side effect of paranoia, you do not have to conform to
Ideas of people who came here before ya, that is insanity, that is not pushing forward for humanity
That is assault with a deadly whatever, whoever can get it for worse or for better, whenever don’t let ‘em control ya
We trapped in a box and I’m boxin’ my way out, you follow the leader I’m leadin’ a stake-out, tryin’ to find who to take out
I am just way out of line with my views and perception, that’s why I be stressin’
I feel like every day that we have is a blessin’, so f*ck a profession
I am a vessel with messages not of this world, that is why I’m not attracted to things of materials, diamonds and pearls, diamonds and pearls
I will revolt, I will rebel, I would much rather be locked in a cell, than be locked in this hell
Open for heavenly change, hopin’ that heaven remains, heavily chained down on site
Hopin’ that it’ll be alright, Minding? the clouds, mind in the clouds, Imma prepare for a long flight
Short life, long night, givin’ these bitches the long pipe, thoughts in my head, thots on my bed, fallin’ in love for the wrong type, times change, know dat
Wishin’ that I could just go back
Memories heal, capture the feel, how can I settle for Kodak, knowin’ it’s home, call back, leave me alone, fall back, write you a letter in all caps, call it now sucka you all that…soul, soul, soul, soul, soul, soul, soul, soul, ???