Sincerely Collins – Destroyer Lyrics

In and out of misery
Come test me, and I'll simply, Destroy ya
Im a Destroyer, Destroyer
[Verse 1:]
Alright alright alright I finally found my theme song
A superheroe only winning if his team strong
Plus the villains in the building I can feel them all
And my only options to kill them all
Get back im a shooter with a jet pack
Bet that eliminate any setback
Less chat cause homie you gonna regret that
Click clack I bet you going to respect that
Yeah. I lost my mind at age 5
When I realized what it meant that my mama wasn't alive
I've got nothing to lose nothing to prove
Other than destroying everybody I've got nothing to do
So f*ck what you heard f*ck if you're scurrd
I'ma burn this whole planet down to nothing as if nothing occurred, sincerely
[Verse II:]
I'm poppin off on every single thing I'm hoppin on
My dream team is full of nothing but Olajuwon's
A bunch of counterfeits they imitate what I've been on
But I don't care I'm Johnny bones in that octagon
And we going to sacrifice the peasants just for our presence
Give a f*ck about the piece I'm just tryna feast
America the great is now America the beast
Cause now the middle west is looking like the middle east
Jesus is that who we gonna call when the battles hard
You get hit with the atom bomb
It's almost over this could be a beautiful death
When the lights go out and the curtains close it's almost over this could be a beautiful death