Shoigu told Putin about the tasks performed by the peacekeepers in Kazakhstan

We start withdrawing today. In total, more than 80 aircraft of the Russian military transport aviation took part in the transfer of peacekeepers, Shoigu said. The minister also spoke about the timing of the withdrawal of the contingent from the republic. & lt; … & gt; Everything worked like clockwork, quickly, smoothly and efficiently. “ We approved a decision on the phased withdrawal and transfer of objects under protection to Kazakhstan. “ Tomorrow, we will withdraw all the forces of our colleagues by boards & mdash; Armenia, Tajikistan, Belarus. “ 14 objects have been taken under protection today, objects of particular importance: these are communications, energy, objects that are responsible for life states & raquo;, & mdash; Shoigu said. The intervention of the CSTO forces allowed the release of about 1.6 thousand employees of the power structures of Kazakhstan, “ which have become actively involved in the work to combat the bandits, '' Shoigu continued. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in his report to President Vladimir Putin. & lt; … & gt; We plan to complete all work on the 19th & raquo;, & mdash; Shoigu said. “ The CSTO peacekeeping forces have played a very important role in stabilizing the situation in Kazakhstan. Riots in Kazakhstan began on January 2. Shoigu reported to Putin that the CSTO peacekeepers were guarding 14 important facilities in Kazakhstan The entry of the CSTO peacekeepers into Kazakhstan allowed in the first days to release about 1.6 thousand employees of local power structures to restore order in the republic, Sergei Shoigu reported

The peacekeepers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) during the mission in Kazakhstan took 14 especially important objects under their protection. Already on January 6, the first forces of peacekeepers began to arrive in Kazakhstan. Further, within five days, as the objects are transferred, the withdrawal of the remaining peacekeeping forces will be carried out, '', & mdash; explained the head of the Ministry of Defense. Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with Shoigu, said that the CSTO peacekeeping contingent had completed its task in Kazakhstan and should return home. Kyrgyz colleagues come out & mdash; given that they are near, & mdash; under its own power. On January 5, the President of the country, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, declared a state of emergency throughout the country and announced an appeal for help from the CSTO. Video
He clarified that at the request of the leadership of Kazakhstan and on behalf of Putin, under the protection of the CSTO forces there were “ a number of other objects '', the seizure of which by terrorists posed a serious threat. On January 11, Tokayev announced the stabilization of the situation in the country and the end of the CSTO mission. & lt; … & gt; In general & mdash; gotta get home '', & mdash; said the president. The transfer of the contingent's forces took place “ in the shortest possible time, '' he noted. Subscribe to FB RBK Receive news faster than anyone

Истoчник On January 13, the CSTO peacekeepers began the withdrawal of forces and the transfer of protected objects to law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan.