Sandra Mccracken – Lay My Worry Down Lyrics

I will lay my worry down
I will lay my worry down
Turn my face up to You now
I will lay my worry down
1 Verse:
Oh God, would You keep my peace, my mind is set on You
Let the anxious fear release, let me hear Your voice of true
I'm a child lost in the field, good Father, bring me out
So I can rest here in Your arms, let Your mercy find me now (And…)
2 Verse:
From the rising of the sun in the dimming of the day
I know whatever comes, You are my hope and stay
So where else would I go? For no one else can save
You've crushed the power of hell, You have risen from the grave (So…)
Dark is the night, deep is Your love
Great is my need, You are enough