Raz-B’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Sexual Assaulted Her Leaving He Hospitalized

However, he was later released. “First he gave me a black eye and I told everyone I did it to protect him,” the actress-singer said. Kallee Brooks is exposing Raz-B for allegedly physically and sexually assaulting her while they were together. Brookes captioned the video “This is why I have trust issues” with a straight face emoji, and it begins with the question, “What’s a f***ked up thing that your ex did to you?” Check out the TikTok below. She recalled that he had put a “large down payment” on a vehicle for her and said he wouldn’t hurt her again. It was at this point that Brookes says she “finally had the courage to get away from him.”
The video has gone viral on TikTok, and fans are weighing in on the heart-wrenching tales across social media networks. original sound – kalleebrookes
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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Brookes shared photos of her black eye as well as the audio of the 911 call from the 2019 incident in the TikTok video. After his apology, he unsurprisingly went back on his word, and Kallee alleges that he even had nonconsensual sex with her and got her pregnant. She admitted that she protected him several times out of fear until it got to a point where he allegedly raped her. “Then he strangled me in a parking lot where he said he was going to kill me. She went on to share how Raz-B would then try to overcompensate and apologize. I didn’t press charges because I thought it was all my fault.” As previously mentioned, Raz-B was arrested following that incident. @kalleebrookes
This is why I have trust issues.? “I was afraid of him and didn’t know how to get away until finally, he held me down, had sex with me against my will, impregnated me, put me in the hospital,” she explained with a photo of her curled up in a hospital bed in the background. ? Raz-B has been accused of abusing his former girlfriend Kallee Brookes in the past, but even after photos of her injuries surfaced following his 2019 arrest for reportedly strangling her in a parking lot, he was let off due to a “lack of evidence.” Now Brookes has taken to TikTok to give a rundown of what she endured during the relationship with the B2K singer.