Rapper Big Pooh – Money Getter Lyrics

Ask about me, always got shit to play
Show out of town, yeah I’m on my way
No video blogs, I go hard
Gettin money, it’s evident I’m on my job, uh
[Chorus 2X] {DK}
[Rapper Big Pooh]
I’m a money getter, a pound flipper
Yen, euro, yuan – they all differ
I get dough, I stack bread
Old school, keep a lil’ where I lay my head
Straight bills, no change (none)
Flip currencies when it’s time to board planes
Safe landing when it’s tuck behind the old frame
Pickin up more money at the baggage claims
I’m gettin it, you gettin it? {4X}
[Rapper Big Pooh]
Bags been packed, passports stamped
Goin overseas, no not the lamp
Goin overseas, lookin for a stack
Fillin up a duffle, bring it all back
No Ron Isley, taxes got paid
Had no clue all the money I done made
Don’t classify me as just a backpacker
Can’t classify me as an underground rapper
No not a trapper, Poobie just hustle
Under all this fat, know Poobie got muscle
Mind on my money, mo’ I really need it
People sing that T-Pain to me, they +Can’t Believe It+~! Anything I put my mind to achieve it
Everything I dream of, I concieve it
“For the love” couldn’t keep the lights on
I’m watchin Ty-son, 60 inches, can you SEE it? Foreign exchange, I’ma keep spendin it
Got cars same color as the Raiders
Independent nigga makin money like the majors
(“Cause I’m a money getter, I’m-I’m a money getter” – Big L) Yeah.. [Chorus]
[Rapper Big Pooh]
Travel ’round the globe, then it’s back home
That’s when you find me in a whole ‘nother zone
Mind on my money, money on my mind
Mind on my business, baby in due time
You’ll understand that I’m all about bank
You can walk around like your shit don’t stank
You can ask niggas in the club to buy dranks
Focused on gettin this bread like Tom Hanks
God come first, family come second
Third is the Almighty Dollar, my peckin
Order is the Order of the Day, serve porterhouse filet
Rap niggas always got shit to SAY!