Random Encounters – Shaq Fu This Lyrics

Call me at least
Ah, this honey just turned into a beast
Barks of beefstock, I’ma take this mean fatty
And turn Mr Meat into hamburger patties
No one bought me [?]
Slap my name on [?] ’cause in Shaq Fu I trust in
Shaq Fu (I got big regrets)
Shaq Fu (like I lost a bet)
Shaq Fu (who the f*ck is that?)
Shaq Fu (is this over yet?)
[?] got moves that are worse than his chicken
I can spit hotter rhymes that are still finger-licking
Don’t mess with [?] he keeping it real
He’ll eat you for breakfast in a unhappy meal
This [?] loose
Said [?] and say hi to Tom Cruise
[?] and the beats are lame
Tell me why the Shaq did we make this game? I’m Shaquille O’Neal, Limbo game is trash
Want some combos? Nah I’m here to button mash
My homie Keyori is an alien cap
It’s kinda messed up, bro what’s up with that? My boy, he a beast, always got my back
With his butt-ugly face and mighty claw attack
The graphics are shoddy, the controls are poop
I should probably stick to playing games with hoops
Shaq Fu (gonna beat you at)
Shaq Fu (I’ll defeat you at)
Shaq Fu (ladies preach about it)
Shaq Fu (let me teach you ’bout it)
Ayo, Blueface is on the scene
Either my screen is tripping or this homeboy is green
Hey Bluey, how you doing? Shaq Fu (what a bad decision)
Shaq Fu (nothing but a crap religion)
Shaq Fu (like bio emission)
Shaq Fu (oh, [?])
Yo, this better not show up on the Shovelwerewolf shit, I’m gonna be pissed