Putin at the BRICS summit proposed a way out of the crisis

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Vladimir Putin at the XIV BRICS summit (via videoconference) and mutually beneficial cooperation. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said that Western countries “cling to the shadows of the past”; and still believe in their economic and political dominance in the world. However, according to the Russian president, this is no longer the case. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). “It is a mistake to believe that the time of turbulent changes can, as they say, sit out, wait out, that supposedly everything will return to normal, everything will be as before. “Only on the basis of honest and mutually beneficial cooperation can we look for ways out of the crisis situation that has developed in the world economy due to the ill-conceived, selfish actions of individual states, which, using financial mechanisms, in fact spread their own mistakes in macroeconomic policy to the whole world.” ;,— said the president. It won't, — said Putin. In the second scenario (developed countries completely stop deliveries to Russia)— on 10%. What model to replace it Articles Pro “Their furniture was immediately faked there”: how IKEA conquered China Under the current sanctions— by 4%. Earlier, Putin, speaking at the St. Since 2014, in response to the entry of Crimea into Russia, the US and EU countries have repeatedly imposed sanctions against the Russian economy and leadership. Finally, in the third scenario, the complete cessation of imports to Russia leads to an 18% reduction in GDP. After February 24, 2022, when Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed even tougher sanctions. The latest, sixth package of EU sanctions included an embargo on the import of Russian oil and petroleum products, as well as a ban on facilitating supplies to third countries. In particular, foreign assets of the Bank of Russia were frozen, and a number of large Russian banks, including VTB and Sberbank, were disconnected from the SWIFT system.