Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – Blame Lyrics

I gotta bleed, I don’t know if the feeling real
I gotta bleed, I don’t know if the feeling real
Alone for too long if you ask me, I just know where I’m is
Shit ain’t been the same since
Last week face trace weak traits
Bleak at the pace life has me
You was feeling Hilary
I was f*ckin’ with Ashley
Nigga, catch me
Can’t catch me in a race still pace
You exhausting
I’m relaxing with my mama’s face
Features papa foot posture
Got me movin’ by the trap
Or at least a block away, I know the doctor move
We up through, it’s all the same, blame (Yo, yo)
[Verse 2]
You cut me deep, I’m still bleeding
Forget about it
Let’s keep it piling, break the limits, get prescriptions routed
I tried to make a profit out it, all my rooms was clouded
Crowded escapades to switch the topic, stop it
We don’t speak much, but we ain’t peace up
Want no link ups
Richmond niggas know you’ll never keep us
We stepping in them foreign shits, kicking up the street’s dust
We was playing rust, hardcore
Plant the hammers, bammer split it in threes like gamma
Busting ass in spades, make a play, lay in the cage
Slaying the main stage
Clocking accolades ’cause you was scared to stay
Been in flays, watch the pavement
The cavemen really set they arrangements, a nigga’s changed shit
Bang with the language or get him mangled
The first spot was dangled left a angle on star spangles
I never cared about you, that’s the game, duke
Slap shit out you like the past loop
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Intro]
[Verse 1]
Fruit for thought, keep ya heart
Love is war, life hard
These facts, where you wanna go? I’m on track like the train by the building
Pick a time, I’m align with it
Sunshine, let it keep stepping
Feeling this, tryna give it
You got all of my percentage
Can a nigga live?