NLE Choppa Gives Soulja Boy His Flowers

NLE Choppa has now taken to social media to show some appreciation to Drako. He has credited himself with helping rapper Drake on his journey in music. He ensured the Toronto native did not forget this while being interviewed on The Breakfast Club a few years ago, and again after Drake hailed Bow Wow as one of his idols. But yea thanks bro
— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) April 8, 2021

According to Soulja, he was hand delivered the first-ever iPhone from Apple’s CEO while doing the “Crank Dat” video shoot. The decision is still out on whether he was the one who birthed the viral dance challenge/craze with his video for “Crank Dat.”
Interestingly NLE Choppa is not the only one who has expressed appreciation of the work the “Kiss Me Through” the phone rapper has put in over the year. Soulja Boy has been in the music industry for over a decade, and he is quite determined that he should be recognized for his contribution to his genre. Soulja Boy is credited as being one of the first internet sensations to spread the hip hop culture through the use of social media platforms. LEGEND.” Soulja Boy responded to NLE Choppa tweeting, “Ni*** text me back lol. But yea thanks bro.”
Nigga text me back lol. So much so that he is known to have made quite a few bold statements highlighting just how much of a pioneer he is. It seems his wish of being recognized for his contributions has not gone unnoticed. He once mentioned that he purchased a jet valued at $55 million for his birthday. Other rappers have also reached out in the past to share similar sentiments also via social media. He captioned his post; “Wanna take the time out my day to say I appreciate @souljaboy giving yo flowers while you are here not when you gone. NLE Choppa is giving Soulja Boy his flowers while he’s still alive. Share this:

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