Nick Cannon Pulls A Shaggy After Proposing To Ashanti At VMAs, “It Wasn’t Me”

“Usually I don’t address this social media gossip but after my name was trending WORLDWIDE again for something I didn’t do, I have to say y’all trippin on this on! “Crazy how y’all have the same tattoos,” one fan wrote while added, “we see your tattoos.”
Others had a different explanation- “That is your alter ego, stop lying,” another fan said.
— TheShadeRoom (@TheShadeRoom) September 13, 2021

Meanwhile, comedian and Scary Movie actor Marlon Wayans took credit for the appearance. They just be getting us confused.”
However, fans of Nick Cannon were not easily fooled as they pointed out similarities between the two men. Nick Cannon is probably trying to revive his fledgling rap career, and it seems that he’s banking on a new alter ego to help him do it. The picture showed him fake proposing to Ashanti. However, Nick Cannon, who always styles his hair in a turban, says that that was not him. He shared a side-by-side comparison photo on his Instagram account as he claimed that he did not attend the show. On Tuesday, the Wild’N Out’ host denied that he was even at the MTV VMA awards held Sunday night in which he popped up wearing a white outfit that looked like a cropped top and a new hairstyle. A photo of Cannon went viral with him hanging out with Ashanti on the red carpet. Following reports by news media and blogs, Nick came out to deny that it was him. View this post on Instagram

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) I have a brand new Talk show coming out September 27th! Nick Cannon pulls the Shaggy card after going viral for proposing to Ashanti on the VMAs red carpet. I heard this some corny new rapper named @MurdaCountHarlem I see no resemblance #respectfully.”
Nick Cannon looking like he’s ready to put a Canon in Ashanti? “Nah nick it was ME. Why would I go to the VMA’s like this!? [sic]”
“He added that the person at the VMAs was a new rapper. The person that fans claimed was Nick wore new hairstyle- bright red dreadlocks, oversized sunglasses to go with the white outfit, and matching gold boots.