Neffex – Messed Up Lyrics

I’m too gone
Today, ha
Don’t care at all what the haters say, nah
I had too much man to feel okay, ha
Another bong rip, another day, right
Don’t feel control man, I feel insane, what? “Suh dude”, anyways
Wonder if I’ll ever taste
All the glory and the fame
Feels like a forever chase
Just trying to make a name
Ain’t staying back I attack and smack yea I’ll knock ya out
Talking smack while I stack that’s a fact
I’m rocking out
If you’re asking I’m bragging ’bout how I’m maxing out
We never lack, stay on track
You know we ain’t backing down
I’m on my highs now better look the f*ck out
Feeling fly now this is what it’s all about
Feel good inside now hope this doesn’t wear down
I can’t deny how this shit gonna make me feel sound
I’m too messed up
I took too much
I’m too messed up (x4) This state of mind man I can’t explain, nah
All these memories I can’t retain, damn
I think I lost cells in my brain, shit
I’m on my highs and my lows man, I’m so lit
These drugs are taking a hold man, they won’t quit
I think I should take it slow man, I will admit
But I can’t seem to say no man, to another hit
If you figured it out, this is a metaphor
My apartment is looking just like the corridor
By the end of the night I’ll need a coroner
People staring at me, you looking foreigner
I’m too messed up
I took too much
I’m too messed up (x4)
All I drink is Bombay
Blocking out what haters say
Getting faded so cliche
All our shit is on display
Take me somewhere far away
Think I’ll be a star one day
Sitting up in outer space
I’m sipping on some Chardonnay
Looking for a better place
Looking for a better phrase
What’s that shit that Getter says?