Mark Henry – Dr. Detective Lyrics

Operation doctor, doctor
Transplant detect with getaway helicopters
Doctor, flee the scene dash dash
Cross hatch, dispatch, sketch a path to a new blood bath
Operation doctor, Flee the scene dash dash, cross hatch, dispatch
Doctor, Operation doctor (repeat)
I’m Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi in this bitch
You fly by puffin on dootie brick
Grabbin’ nothing but booty itch
Hadouken to the cool kids, letting rumors in
Fooling Tom and Jerry like a Hooligan, KABOOM! Howard
Rain clouds reign supreme doubling up my power time
You know the hour is mine, Dr. Detective Henry
Highly wise you’re under the best coyote
Nightly wolves preying, spying on Wile E.,
While he wildly scrambles quickly for impeccable timing
And in the mean time I grab my overcoat
Note the brown leather fedora
Chloroforming more of the horror
Suspect Medusa down in Bora Bora
Oui Oui franch informer
Secret agent, yeah kinda sorta
But is the evidence prevalent
Or is insanity knocking at your door uh
Or uh
I’m an O’Malley alley cat
And I’m scratching out tally racks
Cue the gong until the infiltrators are gone
Dilly dally while I’m pacing back, to this base I crack
In case this just in your face reflects the space of my void
So avoid the prosecuted act, as I’m screaming doctor! Howard, Dr. [Verse]
Better follow up on the clues before you mothaf*ckin’ guesstimate
I’m Boomer Sooner
Down set hike, runnin’ over the shit you legislate
Or possibly like
Equip the monocle, tunnel vision, funnel clouded
Hazy wheezing breathing commence to respirate with ease
Its beetle season, Bingo I’m a star like Ringo
Sending out radioactive perspiration to liberate
Inference with the satellites to try to maintain and try to relocate
While I’m doodling blueprints, google nuisance, shooting in two cents
Penny for a thought who do you clue in who the proof is
Poof Bewitched I’m the truth no excuses bullshit
f*ck outta here with that secondary info
Mark will sho nuff’ sure the lock the code
You don’t know what the f*ck your in for
I’m interrogating Holmes, and investigating these shady hoes
Sherlock will for sure unlock the identity of those cowering foes
Showering in gold
Pissing out VSOP, I spy with my little I.V.,
Poison seductive, Blimy
Why me Dr. Fine, Dr. Detective spectating
Deck check skating to my desk
Debating when I will not keep the world waiting
Go ahead and check guess
f*ck me I Russian rouletted in my room again
Brains, I’m a zombifyed cootie bitch
And I got a duty to the movie and the music list
Yeah I call it life, Bite
Blood dripping, tripping nigga
Double knot your laces and then tie em’ Tight
I shine an incandescent periwinkle Light
Take a flight; get abducted by the moons moonlight
Blue cocoon metamorphasize you right
Who do you like, a moody dude or a f*ckBOY setting the mood right
Hit up on that hydroponical, bionical shit
It’s the white noise with the broke boys
Already told you twice so I’ll tell you once more
Put the abnormalities all up in a blunt
Tune in late night faded from the smoke
On your TV, see me, poltergeist, smoking doja, duel wielding knives
And it’s Dr.