Cory Wong – Companion Pass Lyrics


Now there comes a time in every young person’s life where they need to figure out where they belong and what path they should take in this world. We often find ourself walking in another person’s shadow because we’ve admired them and followed them for so long. We find ourselves trying to become another person and never really unlock our true creative self

But  I’m here to tell you, if you’re looking to maximize your creative potential, we’re gonna have to face the fears and mental roadblocks that you’ve allowed to take priority in your mind

‘Cause  it’s time to discover who you are as an artist
It’s time to discover who you are as a person
It’s time to step out of those shadows and become your own person
This  is the time in your life where you need not discover who someone else is within you, but who you are within you

‘Cause  you’re never gonna be as good as Pat Metheny, as Pat Metheny is at being Pat Metheny, You’re only gonna be the best at being you! And nobody in the world is gonna be as good as you at being you. Nobody in the history of mankind — past, present or future — will be as good as you at being you!
You got a calling that’s been placed on your life and you gotta get out there and do it!

And  don’t worry about the jerks on the internet who are gonna say mean things about you. We’re gonna conquer your fears right here right now

Get out of your seats. Stand up! Stand up!

It’s time to get out and there and run
Run. Run for president! Run for parliament!
If  you want to be one of the dignitaries — you can do it!
If you want to dedicate a year of your life to the Peace Corps then go!

Yes! You can do it!
You need to unlock your creative self right now!

For three small payments of $29.99, I will teach you to unlock your potential and live your best life

I want you to commit to changing your life right here right now!

Call now to 1-800-435-9792
And send that PayPal to roundwoundmedia at gmail dot com

Let’s do this. Get up
Raise your hand if you’re ready to make a change
Yes — I see more in the back!
I see two on the balcony, yes!
Come on get out of your seats everybody

Break it down, band


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