Blast Furnace – First And Last Lyrics

Heard you calling, saw your face
Shadow of the human race
Only dream I ever had
Twice as good, three times as bad
Biting nails, talking shop
On and on, never stop
Two way mirror, one way street
Tried to wake, couldn’t sleep
Saw you begging in the street
Tried my best unchained my feet
Seems my first dream was my last
Walking slowly driving fast
Fumbling fingers, toothless grin
No way out, no way in
Penny farthing upside down
Making noise without a sound
Caught you singing out of tune
Blazing spotlights filled the room
Daydream nightshift clocking in
Broken biscuits soaked in gin
Carbon copies, naked smiles
Garbage cans for miles and miles
Waking slowly, thinking fast
This dream was my first and last


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