Acumen Nation – Penultimatum Lyrics

Penultimatum Lyrics

It’s hard to focus easy to fail all around you
Somethings broken it’s in the madness or the
Confusion something else just seems to click
When you can’t meet the eyes of anyone
Somethings ugly somethings sick
I got the fear again but now
It seems to be taking control

Now do I eat the blue or the red
Can’t remember
Do I really want to see the end
It won’t really matter

6 billion strong and going
Nowhere fast no one’s built to last
On the edge of a highway
My gasoline can in the quicksand
But I can’t reach it
Now if I want if we want we could
Punch it and swallow away
How can you torture yourself
with so many better candidates

Going down again
This time could be the end
But I’ll take you instead
Save the heart
Kill the head

Alienated again…
It’s all coming back to me
Maybe loneliness is my friend…
But it’s a best one


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