Lil’ B – Tennessee Lil B Smoke Break Lyrics

[Intro: Producer Tag]
(Tay Keith produced it)
[Interlude: Lil B]
Oh yeah shout out Tay Keith, nigga
This that Gutta Dealership
Shout out motherf*ckin’   Tennessee
It’s   your boy Lil   B
Like I said, welcome to that   motherf*ckin’ Gutta Dealership, bitch
We just smoking weed right now, nigga
Nigga Bitch Mob, nigga, Task Force nigga
Like I said, f*ck it, nigga
Welcome to the motherf*ckin’ Gutta Dealership, bitch
Ask about me, bitch
I know Lil B nigga, ask about the BasedGod
Task Force Bitch Mob nigga, let’s get it