Kes the Band To Sue Remi Wolf For Using “Hello, Hello, Hello” In iPhone 12 Commercial

You can listen to both tracks below. They also stated that the process has already begun. According to the statement: “‘Hello Hello Hello’ sounded familiar — so much so that Kes’ fans started writing in and congratulating us. The band is made up of the founding members, brothers Kees Dieffenthaller who is the lead singer, Hans Dieffenthaller, and Jon Dieffenthaller, along with Riad Boochoon. Kes The Band is gearing up for a major lawsuit against iPhone makers Apple and singer Remi Wolf. To date, the song has over 34 million views on YouTube. We are working to take the proper course of action.”
Remi Wolf’s version, “Hello, Hello, Hello,” appears on her second album ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs.’ KTB’s Hello was a mega-hit for them and did extremely well in the Caribbean and helped put their music across to more fans. KTB was formed in 2005 and is well known throughout the Caribbean for their blend of soulful vocals, along with calypso inspired melodies, rock riffs, island beats, with some elements of reggae. Facebook
Twitter In a statement from KTB’s management team, which was obtained by Loop News TT, they said that they were willing to take necessary legal actions to secure the band’s interests. The song used for one of Apple’s iPhone 12 commercials has piqued the interest of Kes the Band as it sounds very similar to their hit 2018 release ‘Hello.’ The band’s new management team, Evan Vogel and Damon DeGraff, are now considering taking legal action against the singer, Remi Wolf’s ‘Hello, Hello, Hello.’ KTB’s version of the track was done on the Folklore Riddim produced by Advokit Productions. The chorus of the song bears a striking resemblance to the Trinidad and Tobago group’s original rendition. However, it turns out that our dream of working with Apple has perhaps come in the form of musical theft and cultural appropriation.