Kadyrov announced the results of a three-day ultimatum on Ingushetia

I want to declare to the whole world, especially to the citizens of Russia, that we have no problems with Ingushetia, in particular, those concerning me personally, Ramzan Kadyrov. For this, it is necessary to appeal to his family and elders, he specified. According to him, this proves that Chechnya has “no problems” with Ingushetia

Ramzan Kadyrov
The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that over the past three days, no one from the Ingush people has turned to the elders or to himself, and made no accusations. He also stated that the Ingush people had proved that they had no complaints against the people of Chechnya and personally the head of the republic. is trying to denigrate him. — This shows that we are brothers. But during this period no one turned to his family and elders. On Saturday, January 15, on the last day of the allotted time, an appeal to Kadyrov was recorded by the Co-Chairman of the Ingush public organization “Mehk-Khel”; Sarazhdin Sultygov. If this does not happen, the head of Chechnya promised to fully ask those who, in his words. Kadyrov's appeal was published in the Instagram account ya_pomoshnik_kra_95, which is associated with the head of Chechnya, since Kadyrov's official account was blocked due to US sanctions. Part of the appeal is written in Chechen, part— in Russian. “Today at 17.30 three days have passed, no one has declared a blood feud, no one has turned to the elders of my family, to the Mufti of Chechnya, and I thank the Almighty for this, — said Kadyrov (quote from RIA Novosti). Kadyrov said that no one from Ingushetia brought charges against him during the three allotted days. The head of Chechnya gave the Ingush people three days to express their claims and determine the punishment. On January 12, Kadyrov announced an ultimatum, according to which the Ingush people were given three days to in order to bring charges against the head of Chechnya and determine the punishment based on the laws of Russia and Sharia. Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Истoчник rbc.ru He made three claims concerning the Ingush: about the territorial dispute and the definition of the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia; about the “unflattering expressions” that, according to Sultygov, are used by Chechen officials in relation to the Ingush; about violations against Ingush refugees who lived in Grozny during the military campaign.