Jace Hall – PWNED Lyrics

You got PWNED! You got PWNED! Now leave it alone
[Verse 3]
I’m MTV and ABC
Motherf*cker, you can see my name on V
I’m a do-or-die gamer, you can’t see me
Hot ride, big crib and I ain’t no geek
And I’m OG with the 360
PS1, 2 and 3
Like OMG, I am HD
I’ll f*ck you up, even on Wii
Kick your ass with Chun-Li
Kick your ass in any game you please
Easy see me, my evil deeds
Can even break the Assassin’s Creed
You rock for free, I rock for a fee
First MC to rock E3
And yes, there are gamer-to-be’s
Digital girls with big titties
And when I go to your city
You can try to get with me
You better not be so dumb newbie
Steppin’ up, thinking that you’ll school me
Grabbing your balls all unruly
Truly, you need to be two feet away from me
‘Cause see, I’d be 6’3 just when I’m on my knees
Which be where you’d be all the time
Motherf*cker, I don’t care if this shit don’t rhyme
Take your goddamn wack ass home
And don’t f*ck with me till you’re grown
Don’t forget your ice cream cone
School’s out, time’s up and I gots to go
But I’ll say it again
You got PWNED! Take yo wack ass home
You got PWNED! You got PWNED! [Hook]
You got PWNED! You got PWNED! You got PWNED! You got PWNED! You got PWNED! [Hook]
You got PWNED! All you get from me is crumbs
You still play Dora at 21? Take yo wack ass home
You got PWNED! Too late, I won! You got PWNED! [Hook]
You got PWNED! I do this for fun
My first name’s Number, last name’s One
Your last name’s f*ck, your first name’s Dumb
Get it? Take yo wack ass home
You got PWNED! Come on, son, are you that dumb? You got PWNED! You’re comin’ up short just like Frodo
They lovin’ me more than Mario
I’m Nintendo, you’re Coleco
You kiss my ass nice and slow
Then kiss my HDFilms logo
Guess what, noob? You got PWNED! Dumb f*ck, uh! You got PWNED! I got my own controller, it weighs a ton
Wanna play me? [Verse 1]
You f*cked up now, ’cause I’m in my zone
Punk, sit back or you’ll get pwned
Got no time for the wack noob clone
I’m gettin’ that fame, no more unknowns
Playmates jock while you sitting at home
All alone stroking your bone
Porno smellin’ like dad’s cologne
You’re fake just like your girlfriend’s moans
Like double D’s with silicone
And this right here ain’t sticks and stones
This right here is the Jace Hall Show
Where middle fingers raise up slow
And while you hate from your toilet bowl
I get to interview Coco
No go, dodo, you’re a clown, bozo
Got the game world locked in a firm chokehold
Laying vocals tight on the track solo
Who knew my flow could be so cold? You got PWNED! Take yo wack ass home
[Verse 2]
Don’t you see? Me and games like Earth and Sun
Like DMC goes with the Run
And 50 Cent goes with a gun
I’m Duke Nukem, you’re Pokemon
I’m pokin’ fun at you hopeless bums
While you’re choking on my hot dog bun
I’m Donkey Kong at ComicCon
Wrecking shit and dropping bombs
Nachos and some Papa John’s
Served to me by your fine ass mom
In a purple thong with her big pompoms
While she complains my dong’s too long
Oh snap, that shit was wrong
You’re crying now, you wanna’ go home
Shut up, noob! You got PWNED! Take yo wack ass home You got PWNED!