Iamdoechii – Yucky Blucky Fruitcake Lyrics

Hi, my names Doechii with two i’s
I feel anxious when I’m high
Teachers say I talk too much, momma say I’ont talk enough
In the dark I’m like a torch
From the hood, I hopped the porch
I don’t bang or slang on gang but my dada keep them thangs
Speak up, speak up, speak up
I get a little violent when I play the game of tag
I get a little quiet when I think about the bag
I slob when I sleep and I wake up with a drag
I pulling out my teeth so I wake up to the cash
This is who I am from the back to the front
I never had to pay for my schoolhouse lunch
My momma used stamps cuz she need a little help
But a nigga made do with the cards been dealt
I try to act smart cuz I want a lot of friends
I never really win with the flow or the trends
I think I like girls but I think I like men
Doechii is a dick: I never fit in
Overly cocky I’m hyper-ambitious
Me me me me
Bitch I'm narcin-assistic
I am a black girl who beat the statistics
f*ck the opinions and all the logistics
(Speak up, Speak up, Speak up)
Wow ha
Wow well, Doechii, why don’t you tell us what you do in your spare time? Okay? I’m all alone on the deep dark web
Me and my phone in this queen-sized bed
I’m looking at my pillow my pillow look back at me
My thumb is over the screen the other is in my jeans
It took a second to soak my fingers inside my throat
I paused and then I choked to think about it some more
Connection is moving slow, my brightness is on that low
I’m reaching for the remote, then my momma bust through the door
Doechii, Doechii, Doechii, Doechii
You forgot to take the chicken out
You forgot to take the chicken out
Doechii, Doechii
You forgot to take the chicken out
Somethin, somethin, somethin, somethin, somethin
Somethin, somethin, somethin
I f*ck with Junie B
Barbara was my idol
Had to wear my attitude to every dance recital
In my black Taylor Chucks; the ones that laced up to my thighs
Lisa Frank lipstick on my eyes
Weird girl activity, black bitch nativity
Spy girl erotica, bucket hat from Nautica
Clit throbbing I start sobbing watching Narnia
I been winning trophies since fear factor
I was earning medals the same rate you basic bitches learned how to use protractors
Fopping on they next before chiropractor
But I gave all the game boys cooties
Most of y’all the type of kids I’d hate
If I was the monster under your bed you’d be the kids I ate
If I was a man your mom f*cked
I’d f*ck her right in your face
And take you and your siblings on a dominos pizza date
Gen X baby going crazy with the cam
Back when I was rhyming on my green eggs and ham
Edited my pictures with the Microsoft filters
I was making Trillers way before they called them Trillers
Sixth grade, every nigga pressured me to f*ck
While y’all was giving it up, I was serving looks
Custom made drip with the pastry couture
Selling silly bands from my desk to my drawer
Singing karaoke while my mom was at the store
Scared that she would walk in on me singing Paramore
While y’all was sticking house keys in motherf*cking sockets
I was stuffing all y’all lunch moneys in my pocket
Please stop it, I’m in to blow up like the white thing that soda rockets
Talking back to my teachers, I’m out of pocket
Got so much shit on my chest, yo I need to drop it
Dribbling inside my journal, kiss my locket
Let the paper soak my tears up: Ultra Charmin
Ooo I need to let it out
I gotta let it out
Uninvited and I’m undercover
Undivided, undiscovered
Uninvited and I’m undercover
But I never liked 'em forever f*ck 'em
Wow, that was quite the introduction Doechii
Everybody give it up for Doechii
(that was really inappropriate)
Give it up for Doechii
(did she say foodstamps)
Okay we’re going to have to have a talk after class okay? Doechii, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?