Gucci Mane’s Artist Ralo Thanks Drake For Helping Get On President Biden’s Radar

According to Judge Michael L. Brown: “[Prosecutors] presented evidence that [Ralo] had continued participating in the distribution of drugs following his arrest in this case and while in custody.”
The evidence against him included handwritten notes from his kids’ mother’s purse that warned her to save money and used code words for drugs. The latest states to take the initiative to legalize the plant include New York and New Jersey, who made the announcement on Friday. WE CALLING FOR PUBLIC AND ALL INFLUENCERS SUPPORT.” he ended the post with #PARDONRALO. “There simply can be no other conclusion from his efforts to establish pricing and distribution for ‘8-balls’ and ‘grams,’ his instruction against the use of ‘shake,’ and his warning to be wary of law enforcement ‘listening’,” the judge added. View this post on Instagram

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Ralo could have been out on bail, but it was revoked after it was discovered that he was still making drug deals from behind bars. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) “TODAY MY LEGAL TEAM DELIVERED DOCUMENTS DIRECTLY IN THE HANDS OF PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN AND HIS ADMINISTRATION BEGGING FOR A PARDON FOR MYSELF,” Ralo said. He added: “DRAKE WAS #1 ON THAT LIST IN SUPPORT OF MY PARDON, ALONG WITH DOZENS OF OTHER HIGH RANKING PEOPLE WITHIN OUR COUNTRY & THE HIP HOP COMMUNITY. WE THANK HIM AND EVERYONE THATS PUTTING IN EFFORT INTO THIS CAUSE. @forbes AN OTHERS ARE USING MY CASE AS THE FACE FOR JUSTICE ON MARIJUANA. Even though possession is legal in the state, selling or growing marijuana remains illegal. Ralo is still behind bars following his arrest on federal drug charges after about 444 pounds of marijuana were discovered on a private jet registered in his name. Gucci Mane‘s artist Ralo who was arrested in April 2018 for marijuana possession, is hoping that he will be a free man soon as the US continues to legalize marijuana. He is also hoping that some high profile supporters like Drake will help his cause. He is appealing to President Joe Biden for a pardon. Yesterday, April 1, he made an appeal on Instagram for his freedom.