Govana Expels Gal Clowns From His “Gyallis Class” In New Video

Dancehall hitmaker Govana has become known for making statements in his music that often amount to an anthem. His latest banger “Gyallis Class” was released this week and it certainly follows suit. “Some a unu bwoy fi stop call man name to the gyal dem / If you a look di gyal look di gyal and stop call up bad man name / And stop tell lie pon di gyal dem body parts / Some a unu need fi go back a class / Di streets a talk,” World Boom begins playing the role of principal. The deejay teaches his class what not to do when it comes to characters of the female persuasion. “Some juvenile claim dem a gyallis, wul place dem run thru / Now one gyal f**k up the whole crew / Mek man a pass one aneda and a screw / Man a tell him fren him face him waah fi buss him gun thru / A so di man dem weak to the flesh ( a loo) / Dawg it shouldn’t reach right ya suh (dat a true),” Govana deejays on the track. Govana has dropped yet another dancehall anthem. Namely, fighting with friends over women, losing your head over a woman, and disrespecting your mother for a woman are huge no-no’s. “Gyallis Class” arrived with new visuals that see a group of pupils under Govana’s tutelage in an effort to hone their skills with women. Check out the dancehall star’s new song and music video. Facebook
Twitter The music video which was directed by RD Studios features Jamaican comedian Deno Crazy who played “Chris” in Govana’s hit “HAMANTS Convo” earlier this year off his album H.A.M.A.N.T.S. While the track isn’t the most respectful towards women, it encourages men to not be led astray by their desire for them. The Quantanium Records production features dancehall hype man Boom Boom who sets things off in the intro.