Fyutch – Hey Na Na Na Na Lyrics

Down this substance and down you go
This liquid’s a fountain where happiness flows. [Intro]
Come follow me. Onto a canvas the colors unfold
Painting a picture, a prophecy, pointing me to the yellow brick road
While promises of prosperity spoken in whispers sprinkle in gold
The spectrum of vision is blurry like prisms
But a tunnel of light leads me on
Then a blinding figure appears massive in stature ad wisdom beyond
I hear his voice in my head telepathically speaking the truth
He says, “The key to live eternally is peace, love, and FYÜTCH
[Chorus] Hey na na na na
[Verse 1: FYÜTCH]
This ain’t sticky or green, that syrup or that lean
This the artist formerly known as F-U-T-U-R-E
I float effortlessly through distant galaxies
Where I govern several planets that acknowledge me as King
Your Majesty and honor, they offer up their daughters
And swear to me their fattest cows are ordered to be slaughtered
I be gone. Hey na na na na
Come ride with me. Hey na na na na
First just believe. No, Earth is not my home
You busy touring cities while I travel out the globe
[Verse 2: FYÜTCH]
Follow me into the rabbit hole. Hey na na na na
Mind is released.