Eve 6 – Everything Lyrics

Push it push it down
Push it push it down
I know a girl she’s from the plains of South Dakota
Drives around inside a home that has a motor
Her mama told her not to so she crossed the border
Her hair was long, she dyed it black and cut it shorter
I heard she fed a cocker-spaniel to a cobra
And I don’t know if I believe it but I’m gonna
Step inside her magic ride
And roll the fuzzy dice
She’s everything, everything
She’s pulling on my heart strings
She’s shattering illusions into dust
She’s every smile, every tear
She’s filling the atmosphere
She says this thing can go the speed of sound
Push the pillow down
Push it push it down
Yeah me and her we’re gonna blaze the trail of glory
See every seven wonder before the age of forty
And when the sun goes down we’ll take our milk and honey
Live off the land like
We get it get it off the grid and burn the money
Never give our legal names to anybody
When I’m inside
Her mystery ride
I can’t believe my mind
A hula girl on the dash
Dances when we go too fast
We don’t mind the traffic man
We just crank up Steely Dan
Flying down the 405
What the hell, we’re still alive
Coffee in a plastic cup
Wake up
We’re pulling up
When I’m inside
Her magic ride
I lose all track of time
Push it push it down
Push it push it down