Ephrat – The Sum Of Damage Done (silhouettes I-v) Lyrics

All that we are
The sum of damage done
So prone on etiquette
You gloss your silhouette
Saving every oddity
For therapy
Lost and bereft
Where did we go wrong? All that is left
The sum of damage done
Silhouettes II
We’re all but silhouettes
Sketch-like circles in the sand
Then, like burn-marks from a cigarette
Life steps in
To fill in the blanks
And though the chalk outline is just a myth
Enticing fiction at its best
Attractive lies become reality
And thriller portraits become man
In the blanks of society
In red ink on too much tan
Like dents in a passenger door
Of something driven too fast, too hard
So personality is really nothing more
Than the random scattered holes
In a punch card
Just flaws in the programming
Simple brushstrokes askew
Until those stains of uniqueness
Become someone who’s you
And so…
The one you are
The ones you’re not
The ones you once were
And could become
The ones you hate
The ones you love
Yes, everyone
Is just the sum
Of damage done
Silhouettes III
Silhouettes IV
You flaunt your silhouettes
Hiding your damages away
When they are just the rare dents that may
Convince me to stay
So prone on therapy
We hope that it might go away
But what sets you free
Is letting it hurt
And learning to say
This is all me
And that’s OK
We try to heal
That’s where we go wrong
It’s our appeal
It is who we are
The sums of every scar
Silhouettes V
Instrumental Silhouettes I
…draw my silhouette…
They draw your silhouette
In a snapshot slice of life
They spell your sobriquet
We tend to gravitate
In wiry line roulettes
Always in orbit
It’s all what you radiate
So prone on prejudice
With a knack for pinning down
Held to your premises
To mesh and canvas, grid and ground
All gone too far
Where did we go wrong?