Edenthorn – Home Lyrics

[Verse 1]
On this land I roam
I am free
There’s one thing I know
You’re the shining light
That guides me
[Verse 2]
I feel it inside
My soul is alive
It belongs to you
The day that I die
My soul will survive
And go on in you
[Verse 3]
In your heart of gold
I find peace
In these arms, I hold
You near me
For you, I will fight
Your enemies
[Verse 4]
The rest of my days
I’ll always be near
There’s no need to fear
So don’t be afraid
And don’t shed a tear
I’m forever here
[Verse 5]
You’re the one that could save me
Never once have you failed me
That’s for sure
Someone I could rely on
All the others were poison
You’re my cure
[Verse 6]
Freeing me
Waiting for me
Believe in
In me
[Verse 7]
I can slip
I can slide
And fall down sometimes
But I know
You’ll be right
By my side
[Verse 8]
Through the cold
Wind, and rain
Sheltered within
Through the hurt
And the pain
Through everything