Dr. Dre’s Soon To Be Ex-Wife Calls Him Out For Using COVID To Dodge Deposition

Dre has, however, agreed to conduct the deposition via Zoom, but Nicole doesn’t think the excuse is legit. The latest claim comes from Nicole, who says that Dre is using the current pandemic to get out of fulfilling his legal obligations. Things tend to get messy in the process of divorce, perhaps even more so when there is a massive amount of money on the line. Dre is getting called out by his estranged wife Nicole Young for using COVID concerns to dodge deposition. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, are now in the midst of heated legal battles and non-stop accusations. Young has since claimed that she owns some of Dre’s most profitable trademarks, including his stage name and his 1992 classic album, The Chronic. Dr. The restrictions of the pandemic will likely continue to stall the finalization of this divorce, especially if parties involved are adamant about social distancing themselves away from the courtroom. The former NWA member and his legal team have vehemently denied these claims, pointing to a prenuptial agreement that Young says is void. Dr. According to TMZ, Young wants Dre to be physically present for a deposition, but the hip hop mogul has declined, citing social distancing guidelines. Additionally, lawyers for Dre recently accused Young of siphoning over $350k from Record One recording studios, a company that she and Dre founded in 2015. Facebook
Twitter According to Young, Dre has “freely entertained” guests in his home over the last several months and showed up to social functions “without implementing even the slightest amount of social distancing protocol.” She also went on to insinuate Dre’s activities span beyond casual social gatherings, saying that he has been seen “entering and exiting the homes of multiple women around the Los Angeles area.”
Dre and Nicole have been battling it out in court ever since Young filed for divorce in June after 24 years of marriage. Despite having upheld a seemingly happy marriage for more than two decades, Dr.