Dj Green Lantern – Face Off Lyrics (feat. Jadakiss & Big Punisher)

(What, bring it, I blow ya whole spot)
Look how i get back to it
(mothaf*ckin’ gangsta Kiss)
Put your money on the table, we can battle on cable
[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Ayo, Pun I would give you the business
But since you ain’t here, I’ma give you the privilege
Of being one of the chosen [?] at the top
Didn’t matter if you was Latin or not, what you was rappin’ was hot
And your origin was gangsta but you could make ’em dance, Pap (yeah)
Goin’ against me, you ain’t stand a chance, Pap (uh-uh)
Was all love when the fam a see me
And we both John Blaze-ed Banned From TV
The bucks stop there, though
Everybody in the game now is either a hard rock or a weirdo
I’m still beatin’ a coof up (yeah)
Knockin’ your old shit, a nigga still beatin’ a coupe up
I’m still in charge of the game (uh-huh)
Still got bars of the pain, starvin’ the game (yeah)
Don’t you try it, Chevy with the old-school tires
Throwin’ cocktail bombs, settin’ old-school fires
It’s the desire to sin (ugh)
And I’m from the hood so I’m good ’cause the sword is mightier than the pen
D-Block, that’s my crew
Don’t mean to sound like we all that, matter fact, yes I do (ugh)
The best on the streets
Niggas is so garbage I had to battle somebody restin’ in peace! C’mon motherf*cker, ain’t’t talkin’ to me! I am THE. In front of the B.X
By the 400 lb piranha from T.S
We Just
Havin’ a nice little battle
We know who’s the champ, let’s not fight for the title
Jadakiss, you’re my favorite since I been independent
So don’t get mad ’cause God created me in his image
[?] Jadakiss, you got rhymes like Dre got smoke
For tryna’ battle me? (Big Pun)
And y’all already know who I’m better than
J.A.D.A. NICEST. [Verse 1: Bug Pun]
Straight out the pit of Hell, kid
A bastard son of a thousand whores
Born through my mother’s ass while she was passing gas
I’ll blast that ass past the 7 planets
Even further if Heaven grant it
Virgil with the aliens land back in the granite
Speakin’ Arab, wreakin’ havoc on amateur rappers
With scavenger tactics
Tear a nigga flesh off and have it for breakfast
Oh, THAT was delicious, who wanna get eat next? [Intro: Rocky Sample]
“This guy’ll kill ya to death inside of three rounds, this guy is a wrecking machine…and he’s hungry”
[Scratched hook: DJ Green Lantern]
Who’s the best MC? (ah-heh!) You definitely got jokes
There can only be one, the son of Tony: Big Pun
I don’t need rap to stack, just throw me a gun
And I’m a still G
Me and Krillz done it filthy
For Hip Hop to this day so you gon’ have to kill me
I’ll die for this, took me from poverty to sex
But I’m still humble, that’s why I’m probably the best
[Scratched hook: Dj Green Lantern]
(I’ll make it hot, nigga)
What I gotta do, let y’all niggas know? (Jadakiss)
And y’all already know who I’m better than
Big motherf*ckin’ Punisher! (yeah, right)
Put your money on the table, we can battle on cable
Who’s the best MC?