Dancehall Singjay Dexta Daps Vents About Racist Experience At Rock Bar In Fort Lauderdale

In a video posted on Instagram, the “WiFi” singer stands at the entrance of Rock Bar Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he mentions that he has been on the receiving end of a terrible act of racism at the enterprise. The “No Underwear” did not provide the details on what actually went down but promised to give more details soon. CLEAN UP Y’ALL RACIST STAFF BLOOD… UNTIL THEN, IM BLACK N PROUD, SO F#CK Y’ALL STR8 UPPPP.”
Dexta Daps, whose real name is Louis Grandison, ended his rant by swearing never to visit the beachside spot again. View this post on Instagram

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While noting his usual fondness of Rock Bar, the dancehall singer went on to call out the establishment, insinuating that the racist act was carried out by a staff member. “I DNT PUT PPL DOWN NOR TALK BAD ABT THEM…. But mi affi do dis. BUT AS OF YEST, DEM GET BENCHHHHH….. “#ROCKBAR IS A NICE SPOT THAT I WOULD’VE RECOMMENDED TO ANY1…. The 35-year-old singer is never really one to dwell on disturbing social issues. Dexta Daps
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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) His carefree, euphoric personality, along with his erotic lyrics and behaviors with women, make him famous and loved among the community of women locally and internationally. IN ALL HONESTY, I WOULD MUCH RATHER SAY NOTHING…. “Mi ano f**kery person. BUT SOMETIMES WEN U DNT SAY ANYTHING ABT THE THINGS THAT TRULY MATTER, THE FOOLISHNESS DNT STOP,” Dexta Daps wrote in the caption. Mi jus see the biggest racist act inna my life. Mi never see another racist act so big yet inna mi life,” Dexta Daps said. Dancehall star Dexta Daps is claiming he has experienced a major act of racism in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.