DaBaby & DaniLeigh Reunite After He Mentioned Her On “8 Figures”

In his new song, “8 Figures,” DaBaby talks about calling his “Dominican boo thing” when he needed to be talked down. The 7-track project is packed with potent lyrics that bring mental health awareness while the rapper pays homage to his brother. “He always runs back to dani when him and meme having issues,” one fan surmised. Do you think DaBaby and DaniLeigh still link up from time to time? It is worth mentioning that DaBaby dropped this a week after DaniLeigh released her new album conveniently titled Movie, Moreover, the “boo thing” line was the real whistleblower seeing as the Def Jam singer is of Dominican descent. As one supporter pointed out, the song could have been written a long time ago so there’s that. Dani and the rapper’s baby mama have exchanged words online and fans have even accused the singer of being a homewrecker. In memory of his late brother Glen Johnson who recently took his own life, DaBaby released a surprise album yesterday called My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G). Others blamed DaBaby for being toxic and being involved with his BM at the same time. Interestingly enough, fans are caught up on the lyrics in the second track “8 Figures” as they believe DaBaby makes reference to his former flame DaniLeigh. While it seemed for a moment that they had confirmed their relationship, it ended just as soon. Did DaBaby allude to Danileigh on his new album? Sources told Urban Islandz that they’ve since had a conversation and hash out their differences. View this post on Instagram

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Shortly after the song dropped, DaBaby and DaniLeigh started following each other on Instagram again. “Now this a movie for the pple that be clownin her abt him!” another comment read. “She did say he call her movie yall called her delusional,” one fan wrote in Dani’s defense. “And then he keeps running back to his bm,” another corroborated. TwitterFacebook The elusive romance between DaBaby and DaniLeigh was short-lived but not devoid of drama. “I wanna kill something too, G / Had to call my Dominican boo thing / She calmed me down, I’m on FaceTime with movie,” he raps on the track. Fans have had mixed reactions to the song with many accepting the admission as confirmation that the two were in fact a thing.