Cullah – Break The Sun Lyrics

Down to the ocean floor
Let them hear your roar
Tiger of the shore
Wind inside your eyes
Let out your battle cries
Rider in disguise
Everywhere the sound
Shaking through the ground
And everywhere around
Make the earth quake
And for the sun forsake
Let all the people shake
Open up your eyes
See inside your lives
See where your vision lies
Your brother as your guide
When earths is set on fire
With all the worlds desire
When fear dreams to aspire
The righteous will inspire
The sun
Wheres the sun? What have you done? Pay the toll
To the sky
Shame the fool
To the road
Rake the fire
Make the gold
Take desire
From the bold
Curl a smile
From strife
‘Till everyone has life
Worth the while
Worth the wait
Worth the food on your plate
Hold your tounge
Cock your gun
Let everyone have some
So they share
What they bare
And they all know what you’ve done
What you’ve done
What you’ve done
To break the sun
Break the sun
What have you done?