Cory Gunz – Different Lyrics

them other niggas just hit the liter
When it’s finished we gon’ pull up to the crib and sip a liter
Smoke about it and forget it nigga G’d up
I am simply none other than something completely different
I am simply none other than something completely different
I am none other than something completely different
I am something none other than something completely different
[Verse 2]
Who with it nigga? from my sanity
????????????????????? but they abandoned me so randomly I was left stranded me
But I’m so hot it’s like no fan in me, I can’t live right life’s left handin’ me
Can it be, young and with no plan to leave, succeeds just so candidly
He stood longer than others who tried to stand with he, it’s overstood when you stand with me
Now prepare to be, back burned on the same back burner that you motherf*ckers prepared for me
It appears to be, you won’t breathe the same air as me
And nothing meant anything near to me in a f*cking canopy
But the dark side put a f*cking tan in me, and it slanted me and it damaged me
But I brushed it off and don’t canvas me, disadvantage me but I manage me
???? Say I’m too aggressive then ladies can it B
I’m shooting at her feet ’cause she won’t dance with me
I’m a far cry from humanity ??? Who did it nigga? pick a heater kick your feet up and ????? pill form money still strong learned I can take this when I don’t even feel warm
Be a bitch or a lady I don’t feel for them killing shit since a baby I was still born
Then I peeled out like a real sprout illed out motherf*cker this ain’t no Barnie and Mil house
Smoke up remember I was a joke but turned up and now they stuck with they throat cut
Eenie meenie miney millimeter what’s your ???? I dug it nigga
*beat break*
But if you don’t know the math then I got the answer key
Nigga you a rat ??????? Spin a nigga, front a nigga
I ran niggas, you running niggas
Kick a nigga, punch a nigga
I jig a nigga, I buck a nigga
I rip a nigga, slug a nigga
I hit a nigga, hug a nigga
Listen nigga, drug a nigga
You dig it nigga? Who want it nigga? hamster ??? Who done it nigga? [Instrumental Intro]
[Verse 1]
Twenty percent of me hates rap, twenty percent of me loves rapping
Ten percent of me likes bad bitches who hate rap but love when I’m rapping
Twenty percent of me does drugs and twenty percent of me eats fruit
One percent of me eats veggies and my other nine percent will eat you
Raised inside of one home, boy i miss my old room
Before i had my own phone, when i first came out the cold womb
What was on the slow dome, ate my stuff with no spoon
Blank for days I’d just gaze at Grandma play charades I’d frown and throw prunes
Pocket full of money and my chest smoke just dove in a Deadpool taking breast strokes
Don’t think that my head’s screwed be my guests folks I swear i got meds glued to my bed post