Conflict – There’s No Power Without Control Lyrics

What you f*cking screwing at? The new Yankee groups
In their punk rock suits
M.T.V.’s addition to Sky’s porn pay per view. There’s no power without control! Look and see
Escapism smiling through
Oi you for f*cks sake, ‘wake up’ Righteous and the greedy
It’s big brother’s biggest brother Common panacea
Spy satellites bugging device Building egos / budding stars
Everything discovered From small acorns – world domination
CCTV recording me
Observing then controlling the
Nation on location
World domination
Access denied – another vehicle for ‘the truth’
Deploying all means necessary (to) contain unruly view
Those who dare to deviate
Defy – consuming opiate
Comatosed – waiting for life to begin
The arrival of pop idol
The survivor of survival
Blind dating mutual mating
Rating rivals masturbating
The confused compete comparing
The sanitized temptation
The pretension of deception
The terminal segregation
Sleepy eyed complacency and smug consumerism
The f*cking – f*ckwit populace laps up more media jism
Anorexic soap stars bearing feeding frenzy scars
Real life TV – talk show toss gagging for exposure
Disposable hyped-up hopefuls – icons, prime time wank
Teen dream manipulation-corporate money in the bank
Kerrang cover boy crown – controlling confrontation
Full frontal anonymity – the faceless generation
Manipulation is the key to dictate democracy
Pantomiming puppets, faithfully to stupidity
Docudrama cunts – I’m sick of lifestyle wannabe’s
Cocksucka’s in the high street in their top shop an-r-kee
Full circle rock gods – just a bunch of hand jobs
It’s official – you can mould me – cause I like the big bucks
Rebellion sucks – rebellion sucks
I can be your pawn star – it’s offensive – rebellion sucks
Without control
Without control, there’s no power
There’s no power without control
Rejection direction
Aggression affection
Conception opinion
Position religion
Imposing persuading
Compelling constraining
Infection inspection rock and roll control
Direction election teaching control
Your vision suspicion last year’s control
Objection division this year’s control
Malignance insistence to want, to have, to make, to take
Resistance existence to try, to cry, to say, tune in, today
Goodbye I’m remote controlling you. Come closer, comfy? Broadcast from the rock city radio!