Chuck Strangers – Henny Wings Lyrics (feat. YL)

[Intro: YL]
It’s Y (Uh)
C’mon (Yeah, for real)
[Verse 1: YL]
Spam bread to get bread, my man shipped the pack through the FedEX
Y’all was bound to fall down, this kinetic
And, why I see the message in the sketching, see the blessing in our Lord
Some fear the man, others fear our law
I’m a man of God, why you got your mans involved for petty beef? Everything is everything, flee
First date she copped the Henny Wings at BBQs
She one’ the few don’t wanna see me lose, memories we picking and choose
Tryna go up like the gas price, my shorty sniffing on that Frank White shit
She cut a bitch and used a ice pick
Really on some ride or die, she by my side like it’s a nine to five
I’m out for mine as long as I’m alive
[Verse 2: Chuck Strangers]
Be cap
Flex in Brooklyn, that’s before they used to book him
Shit was tragic, [?] sweet aromatics, would not be frontin'
We had strength in numbers, I stayed down for seven summers, moved with all my brothers
Time showing true colors, new styles that they discovered
It’s margarine, it’s not butter
Feeling what the dro does, like Bone-Thugz, you don’t know what the f*ck we saying, you just feel it when it’s playing
And you can double what they paying for my services
No time to be conservative, [?] and shit
Went to flip when I would photo, went to promo
Still a renegade, we rhyme till the hill voice pay
Wild cavern lay a hundred freights, king of games, undefeated
Run unheated, run until every resource depleted
It’s just so you can see it, albeit I found pride in putting stacks aside
Aye nine, can I splash it with my Ailettes?