Cancerslug – Little Weeds Lyrics

Proceed with caution but take it from me
I’m only surviving seven days a week
Crushin’ pills and potions
Smokin’ up the night
Takin’ me back to another place in time
But it’s only in my dreams
That I’m truly ever free
So I sleep right through the day
Or whatever helps to take the pain away
They planted flowers
Shoved us down in shit
Blocked out the sunlight
Killing us to live
Poisoned our water
Ripped up from our roots
But they’ve gotten lazy, forgot what we could do
So I plant my bitter seed
That will grow my little weed
And will break through your concrete
Crawling through the cracks, overtakin’ everything
Sleep little weeds
When you open your eyes
Go and kill for your life
Sweet little weeds
Choke and strangle them all
Take their world as they fall
Proceed with caution but take it from me
Our time is coming
The day of the weed