Blueface Addresses Viral Video Of Women Brawling At His House While Quarantine

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#TSRClearTheAir: #Blueface explains what went down at his crib from his point of view, denies accusations of racism? “They were not fighting over me it was a lot of Henny mixed with all attitude. However, the rapper and the filming crew seemingly got a bit more than they bargained for. However, it is a bit hard to miss the other ladies dancing and shaking throughout most of the fight scenes, which makes you wonder if the battles were intentional and will also be included in the final rendition of the video. The exact meetup at one of the rapper’s two houses was to facilitate the shooting of the video for “Vibe.”
It is no surprise that Blueface decided to shoot a video for the track, with “Vibe” being dubbed as one of the hottest cuts on his Find The Beat album, released in March. Blueface is speaking out on a viral video showing several women fighting at his house, all while we’re all suppose to be quarantined. It was total pandemonium in the home of California rapper Blueface, as a handful of beautiful ladies dressed in ‘blue’ turned what should have been a fun encounter into something more. He continued, “So if you believe that your to invested in the internet alil to much.”
Thankfully none of the ladies or crew members were seriously hurt as a result of the fights that took place. Based on the lyrical content of the song, the video definitely required some of the badest girls on set. However, that was just the prequel to the catfights which took place, leaving the camera crew to use their best refereeing skills and Blueface to capture it all for the world to see. The result actually hinged along the lines of Girls Gone Wild, the blue edition. I have not had relations with any of these women no one was being racist more then half the people here was black,” wrote Blueface. The rapper posted various videos to his Instagram Stories showing some of the ladies trading words. View this post on Instagram

More footage of the thots fighting at BlueFACE crib
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The wild ‘performance’ put on by the ladies was only overshadowed by the fact that Blueface was made to put out a statement. (SWIPE)
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Twitter The crazy beef between the ladies seemed to span the entire shooting time, as we capture them facing off in multiple scenes, in different outfits, and in different rooms.