Bfb Da Packman – Parole Office Lyrics

Ain't nothin' but a fat nigga party
Fat nigga party, you heard me
Came from the bottom now I'm on the top
Hit my step-daddy stash spot and went and bought a watch
My main bitch mad at me I had to leave the spot
Hid behind my favorite opp house and my granny gone
Had me a fat ass son, I had to switch the class
She cute but her ass super flat like a grocery bag
Imma still f*ck her, I'm just f*cking sad
She told me I can't hit, she on her period
Lemme feel the pad
Yeah, nah, nah, don't stop it
Don't stop this shit nigga
It's a fat nigga party in this bitch
God blessin' all the fat niggas
But we back around bitch
STD, let's get it
Nah I don't got no hook for this
We just gon' straight the f*ck in
The only time I ain't eating, when I'm fast asleep
If the bitch bad I eat the p*ssy right after she pee
Niggas think they dissin' me
Shit, I be right with em
Send a hit, he misogynistic, have a dyke kill him
Can't cap, I'm worse than Trump
I don't like niggas
Killed my granny dog and she cried
I don't got feelings
Side bitch need holiday money
Them ain't my children
Told my baby momma that I'm Muslim
I don't like Christmas, bitch
Nah, no pork on the floor
f*ck you mean, yeah
Ain't nothin' but a fat nigga party
Yeah, lunch crew nigga
Eat a doughnut, bitch
If a nigga want a verse
Imma need a bag
Walk around with blood on my bottom
Imma need a pad
My bitch betray me and f*ck a opp
Imma feed her glass
Hit an Insta thot with 40 dollars like I need some ass
I'm always talking shit
Imma f*cking toilet
Codename: Kids Next Door serving that whatchucallit
Trynna trap my way out this bitch
Niggas quick to spoil it
My bitch get mad and tell lies
I call her Jussie Smollett, bitch
Ain't nothing but a fat nigga party
Yeah, If you listen to this
Go get them test results bitch
If you got a STD, I'll CashApp you 500
Ain't nothin' but a fat nigga party
f*ck you mean, lunch crew nigga