Armani Caesar – Sissy Intro Lyrics

You see this watch? Sissy: This video exposure is too come and go. Now run your black ass back to the project and get your government check and take that monkey ass Shaka Zulu-looking bitch with ya, hip hop hoes.” ‘Cause my left breast was prominently featured in Eric B.’s last video, okay? This is what the right picture of the right man doing the wrong thing can get you
Girl 1: And on that note we gotta go, gotta go, gotta go…
Girl 2: Yeah, we work for a living
Sissy: You onna keep working for a living the rate you going. See, it’s fine and dandy to go out with these guys, and it’s fine and dandy to drive around in their car and have them take you to an expensive restaurant for dinner, but if all you get out of it is a f*ck, then you is a hoe. But if you get yourself a fabulous motor vehicle, a fine house and can afford to pay for your own meals then girlfriend, you are a businesswoman. [Sample: Girl 1, Girl 2, Sissy]
“Girl 1: My ass was behind MC Hammer’s head in U Can’t Touch This ’cause you can’t touch this–
Girl 2: Who would want to touch that? Now what you need to do is get yourself a Polaroid Instamatic.