38 Spesh – Landscaping Lyrics

You see you buy the watch now, and you bust it down later
That tell me you know nothing ‘bout paper
Spesh got that nigga don't f*ck around paper
Bitch stayed down and stuck around paper
Eventually we rise
But y’all won't be happy ‘til my entity's demised
And enemies colliding
Literally it’s pride if they come for me
These bullets is gonna accompany that misery inside
When they asked for help, you know simply I tried
When I first said no, you know, niggas be surprised
But I don't feel sympathy for guys
That's older than me, and still need to be parentally advised nigga
And I don't care what your man making
What he spent on rent I spent for landscaping
Real shit, that's real rubber band language
Understand I made a couple hundred grand off my fan pages
I came up handling big guns
That's where I got my animal sense from
My accountant handle my books with a manual system
That's how I keep track of my annual income
Y'all niggas need to stop it, real shit
With them bullshit 36 millimeter watches
Yesterday I made three deposits
One in the bank, the other two was inside sneaker boxes
I find myself not being conscious
Got three advisors, they all say they seeing progress
But for some reason feds want me demolished
For feeding knowledge to the kids in the streets ‘bout economics
You either got it or you don’t nigga
And I was told never front narcotics to a broke nigga
38 I’m the GOAT nigga
Might see me in a nice peacoat with some loafs nigga